Risk analysis

When setting-up the system, we always make a risk analysis of the cash register and its related trade systems, thus our system can perform in its most efficient way possible.


After the installation of the POSeidon Control System® we train the employee in a professional way for the proper system usage. Besides this, in order to improve or to refresh the knowledge, when requested, we have specific trainings, so that all the functions and services of this top-level security system can be fully exploited.


Our helpdesk provides non-stop service for our clients each day of the week to solve the unexpected problems and answer immediately the questions arising related to system.

Continuous product update

Thanks to the continuous product update of the software and hardware elements, the most up-to-date solutions are always at our clients' disposal.


Have you managed to detect the reason or the perpetrator of the inventory deficit or missing cash, and do not know what to do next? Entrust this skill-demanding task to our experts with years of practice in investigation!