Key functions and updates

Special recording solutions-all the information on screen

The POSeidon Control System, with the aid of its individual character converter program will visualize the cash register’s block information on the checkout supervising camera’s image. Thanks to its use, the physical movement of the goods can be compared to the data recorded in the cash register.

2. Database analysis-the investigator of the system

The POSeidon Investigation module was created on the experience of more than 300 internal and international case studies, as well as on the different surveys used in retail work sessions applied in the commercial practice. The mistakes whether deliberate or accidental, occurred at the cash registers, behavioral patterns causing damages or the use of perpetration methods’ data bases allow the system to separate and focus on the inventory loss just by a few clicks.

Remote access

The system is able to serve with genuine and real information about the critical processes taking place even at remote commercial units.

Visual and audio warning

The distinctive visual signaling and voice warning issued in case of critical transactions enhances the efficiency of real time supervision.


Different statistics and analyses from cashiers’ efficiency to customers’ behavior can be made with the aid of this system.

Traffic counting

Using appropriate peripherals the temporal distribution of the entering customers can easily be monitored, thus allowing the optimization of the opening hours, as well as of the human resources.